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Junior Auxiliary Poppy Contests


Following are the poppy con­tests rules for the Junior Auxiliary District and Department Contests for this year. For all the contests the white tags must be removed from the poppies before using. The Department President Jules Efta’s theme is “Juniors are gems serving Veterans”. Her symbol is gems. Her theme and symbol are to be used when entering the poppy con­tests. Every contest entry should have an envelope with the name of the contest and class on the outside attached to it if possible or under it when entered.. Inside the envelope should be a card with the Junior’s name, age, Unit number and loca­tion, and the District number on it. There are three classes for the following contests. They are Class I: ages 6 and under, Class II: ages 7-12, and Class III: ages 13-18. First place for each class is $10 and second place is $5.


The contests are Poppy Cor­sage, Poppy Hat, Poppy Jewelry/ Accessories, Poppy Centerpiece and Decorate a Poppy Donation Collection Container. There is also a Unit Scrapbook contest. I will give the specific rules for that in next month’s District Newsletter.

 Juniors should start making their entries now. The District Conference is March 8 at the Peace United Church of Christ in Min­nesota Lake.

  The 50th Annual Junior conference of the Second District, Department of Minnesota, American Legion
Auxiliary is hereby being hosted by the Minnesota Lake Unit #287 on Sunday, March 8, 2015, at the Peace
United Church of Christ in Minnesota Lake for the purpose of:
    1. Presentation and judging of awards
    2. Reports from each Unit represented
    3. Election of District Honorary Junior Officers
    4. Other business for the good of the Junior Auxiliary
Registration/Lunch: 12:00 noon -1:00
Cost: Registration is $1.00 per person attending. Lunch: Free-will donation
Each Unit is invited to bring its Unit colors and stands.
Each Junior group shall be represented by two delegates with two votes at the District Junior Conference,
plus one additional delegate for each fifteen members or major fraction thereof,
Junior Membership
1-7 elects 2 delegates
8-22 elects 3 delegates
23-37 elects 4 delegates
38-52 elects 5 delegates
(Delegate strength is determined 30 days prior to the District Convention.) Only Junior members will be
allowed to speak on the Conference Floor. Senior members are the advisors only. This is a Junior’s Conference.
Contests this year are: Poppy Corsage, Poppy Hat, Poppy Jewelry/Accessories, Poppy Centerpiece, Poppy
Donation Collection Container and Junior Scrapbook.
Endorsements for the District Honorary Offices of President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Chaplain,
and Sgt.-At-Arms shall be sent to the District Junior Activities Chairman Jane Moody; P O Box 213; Lamberton
 The endorsements should state the candidate’s name, the office running for, age,
Unit, offices held at the Unit and District levels, if any, and the number of years as a member.

Poppy Poster Contest Rules

Unit Members:

Here are the Poppy Poster Contest rules for this year – Remember all children can enter depending upon the class level.

Raleen Tolzmann, District Poppy Chairman


  1. Units shall sponsor contest in local schools. When schools do not conduct activities, other youth groups – including Junior members, Girls and Boy Scouts, Local 4-H Clubs, Youth groups – may participate under direct supervision of the Unit.

  2. The contest shall have SEVEN (7) classes.

CLASS I - Grades 2 & 3

CLASS II - Grades 4 & 5

CLASS III - Grades 6 & 7

CLASS IV - Grades 8 & 9

CLASS V - Grade 12

CLASS VII - Students with special needs

  1. Those in special education classes

  2. A student recommended for special education classes, but who has not been admitted due to a waiting list or various factors

  3. A child identified as having a disability, but not in a special education class due to lack of facilities their identification contingent upon discretion of school officials


  1. Each poster shall have a fitting slogan not to exceed 10 words. Articles, “a” “and” “an” “the” are not to be counted as words. The words “buddy” and “buy” cannot be used.

  2. The words “AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY” must be used in the design and will not be counted in the 10-word count

  3. Each poster must include a picture of the Flanders Poppy in the correct color (4 red petals with a center of green & black)

  4. The Poppy shall have four (4) petals and NO Leaves

  5. The Department shall determine the closing date of the Unit contest. The Poster shall be on 11x14” poster board. (Drawing paper will not be accepted)

  6. The US Flag may be used as long as there are no infractions of the Flag code

  7. Posters will be judged using the following criteria: A. 50% Poster Appeal, B. 40% Artistic Ability, C. Neatness

  8. Media used shall be watercolors, crayons, powder or oil paint, handmade paper cutouts, ink on textures, acrylics, pencils and markers.

  9. Written in ink on the back of the poster (not attached) shall be the class in which the entry is submitted, the name, address, age, and grade of the contestant and the name of the Department (Minnesota)

  10. The poster shall be the work of only one (1) individual

  11. No humorous drawings or slogans shall be used

  12. The label “IN MEMORIAM” from a Veteran made poppy may not be used

  13. When the Holy Cross is used, the Star of David also shall be used



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